Welcome back guys.
For this latest post i wanna share about someone who willing to be my mentor for my assignment project.

Before i introduce this incredible person, some of you might be think, MENTOR? WHAT IS THAT?

Mentor is someone who whiling to share skills, knowledge, expertise and demonstrate a positive attitude and acts as a positive role model. They also takes a personal interest in the mentoring relationship and provide guidance and constructive feedback.

Ok, done with that.

Let me introduce to you guys my incredible mentor which is,
Cik Fatin Afiqah Binti Mohammad Noh.

She was a former student of Institut Kraf Negara for past year and was an inkubator at Kraftangan Negeri Terengganu. Her specialty of course as you can see at the picture above, Its a handmade weaving! She has experience to join many Kraftangan Festival to demonstrate her talent. One of her festival that she going is at Singapore which is Festival Beautiful Terengganu.

I’m so excited! I can’t wait to learn something new from my mentor.

By the way, did you guys know, my mentor handmade weaving sampin can cost to RM 8000 to Rm 10000 and she only making sampin for someone has booking the slot first.

But in order to put that kind of price, you have to do your work very details, very exclusive, very passionately.

Okey, that all for today.
I will keep on sharing my progress to you guys soon.

Till we meet again.
Love, Nina