Hi guys, so this post i made to show you my final design product.
So i choose handmade Songket fabric combined together with velvet fabric.
Here some of the process picture.
If you guys see may previous post about my mock up product. The process is similarly with the my mock up.

My Final Product!
For the front bag, I choose to combine Songket Fabric and Velvet Fabric.
Same thing and same process with my mock up. This is the part im doing the zip.
Tips and trick, mark 4 side around the circle and pin in with the zip part then start sewing. Say no more to messy sewing.!
Then pull over, It will look like this! Perfect Circle!

So, for the rest process you guys can check it out at my mock up post!
Btw, later i will share to you guys my final product after i settle the shoot session.