Welcome back! I have been given this task which is I need to make two pieces of boards. One is my Organization Board and the other one is my Mood Board or we can also call it Creative Board.

Why we have to do all this kind of board?

It is because all this board can give us the new idea and inspiration to create/generate new idea during this process.

Let me show you my Organization Board

Close up For the Songket Motif Section
Close up for Material Section
My Mentor Miss Fatin.
Colour Scheme Section
Last but not least, Variety Type of Songket

let move out to the other board which My Creative Board!

Full Size of Creative Board
Close up the title of my Board
My Inspiration
My Render Design
Close up Colour Scheme Section
Material Section. Its a handmade Songket

So that it for my board. Feel free to ask me anything.
Till next time.