Month: June 2019

Its Finally Done!

My Songket Clutch is done!
Here some picture of my Songket Clutch.
Btw, please check out my instagram to see more picture of this clutch.

Till next time.

Songket Clutch by artandcraftbynina

Hi guys, so this post i made to show you my final design product.
So i choose handmade Songket fabric combined together with velvet fabric.
Here some of the process picture.
If you guys see may previous post about my mock up product. The process is similarly with the my mock up.

My Final Product!
For the front bag, I choose to combine Songket Fabric and Velvet Fabric.
Same thing and same process with my mock up. This is the part im doing the zip.
Tips and trick, mark 4 side around the circle and pin in with the zip part then start sewing. Say no more to messy sewing.!
Then pull over, It will look like this! Perfect Circle!

So, for the rest process you guys can check it out at my mock up post!
Btw, later i will share to you guys my final product after i settle the shoot session.

It is time to do mock up product!

Hai guys! For this post I want to share the process of making my Songket Clutch but you need to remember, its is my mock up. If this goes wrong dont worry. We will try again. So lets start!

First step : Prepare all the tools that we need to make bag pattern such as “L” ruler, measurement tape, pencil, brown paper.
Once the pattern ready,
cut the fabric.
Make a straight line using a “L” ruler and chalk.
Sew the part of zip that attach the lining and songket fabric.
Once it’s ready, overlap the lining side to make it more tidy.
Once the zip part is done.
Take the zip and sew on the zip.
Make sure the stitches balance on each site.
The stitches result! 
Balance each site so that your bag will look more tidy.
Sew the handle part and turn it over.
Once all part is complete, .
Its the time to attach the side of the bag with the zip part
Oh, before that do some stitch at the up and bottom of the zip.
Then, attach the part of side bag and the zip part
There are two side of it, Don’t forget the other side. Make sure it nice and tidy
Last but not least, sew the handle part on the top of it. Make sure to balance each side.
Lastly, .
Make sure to iron all the part that we have been sew to make it more nice and tidy.
Now, Its done!

Btw, this only my mock up bag, I will show you guys my final bag soon.
Stay tuned.

My Boards !

Welcome back! I have been given this task which is I need to make two pieces of boards. One is my Organization Board and the other one is my Mood Board or we can also call it Creative Board.

Why we have to do all this kind of board?

It is because all this board can give us the new idea and inspiration to create/generate new idea during this process.

Let me show you my Organization Board

Close up For the Songket Motif Section
Close up for Material Section
My Mentor Miss Fatin.
Colour Scheme Section
Last but not least, Variety Type of Songket

let move out to the other board which My Creative Board!

Full Size of Creative Board
Close up the title of my Board
My Inspiration
My Render Design
Close up Colour Scheme Section
Material Section. Its a handmade Songket

So that it for my board. Feel free to ask me anything.
Till next time.

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