Habibah Zakri, textile artist and entrepreneur, have been experimenting and developing songket as art to wear fabric as well as for use in interior designs. Her intimate knowledge of traditional designs and weaving techniques has contributed to her efforts in fostering and reviving interest in weaving industry. Habibah’s masterpiece in songket. The Garden, depicts a composition of a profusion of flowers in gold and silver adorning the luxurious songket brocade panel.

Tengku Ismail Tengku Su, continues to preserve and enrich the weaving tradition of the east cost by maintaining the quality of craftsmanship and richness of traditional motif of songket cloth that are both courtly and classic.

The malay songket of Sarawak exemplifies the simplicity of one colour ornamented with metallic thread. The skill of master weaver, Hajjah Zainab, is embodied in her illustrious songket entitled, Midnight Blue for the Bridegroom. In an innovation of the Corak Bugis motif, The textile artist Prof Madya Dr Norwani Mohd Nawawi interprets the design in a songket piece by using a subtle combination of black and grey, while creating interest on the central panel of the fabric. This primary an ornamental piece rather than functional.

Their Masterpiece Songket